Negev Residential Center

Program: 147 accommodation units with a commercial floor on ground level | Location: Beer Sheva | Area: 32,000 sqm | Client: Azorim | Status: In Progress collaboration with Kika Braz Architects

This residential & commercial project is strategically located on Ragar Blvd. the main street of Beer Sheva, Facing the University and Soroka Hospital.

The plot contains a concrete Building designed by Ram Karmy that was left only half built, with severe preservation restrictions.

Due to the plot’s proximity to the hospital’s helicopter landing pad, the building rights regarding height were cut in half. Therefore the main challenge In this project was to design 4 low rise buildings (8-9 floors each) in a relatively small plot with welcoming landscaping on the ground floor to accommodate the tenants, the commercial and the occasional pedestrian. Another goal was to help the existing building fulfill its full potential by merging the two projects into one entity.

Our solution consisted of two separate building typologies: the northern wing -consists of two buildings that are following the original grid of Merkaz Hanegev, giving new interpretation to its unbuilt half and reinforcing the main pedestrian cardo.

The 2 southern building were combined into one amorphous structure rotated 45 degrees to the south. That helped us to gain space between the two wings of the project and create a vast welcoming entrance plaza at the ground floor. A semi-opened food court supports the entrance plaza, and marks the beginning of an open sky passage climbing softly with a gentle slope and connects to the original roofed passage of the existing building.

With an accurate selection of materials, the two different building typologies are combined into one project containing materials that refer to the existing concrete building with some modern adjustment to give it a cutting edge appearance.