Commercial Building Gutstein

Program: Retail, Showroom, Offices | Location: Rishon Le Zion | Area: 1500 sqm | Status: Completed 2011

An old warehouse in an industrial area in Rishon Le Zion was stripped down to its bear foundations, Living only the concrete floor and metal construction. Then it was re-wrapped in white corrugated tin with minimalistic modern design.

New functions where inserted as the interior was divided into 2 vast ceramic retail showrooms.

Two large window strips gives the place abundance of daylight while a metal shutters blocks direct sunlight.  Concrete Sunshades "floating" over the foyer mark the entrance.

In the interior, the metal construction was left visible to reflect the building's previous, industrial function as the whole interior was painted white. The floor was covered with light gray concrete-like slabs of ceramic to blend in the background and let the products take the protrude.

The original high 6m ceiling enabled a vast gallery to be added, creating a continuous change in space definition as you wander around the show room.

A clear glass banister enables eye contact between floors and completes the overall feeling spacious and prestigious ceramic showroom.