The Fold

Program: Extreme Urban Landscape | Location: Tel Aviv | Area: 50,000 sqm | Status: Design Proposal

What is the meaning of Extreme Architecture?

How can one define it?

Can it be created?

The first step in answering these questions was to study the phenomenon called Extreme Sports, mapping it, learning its principles, and then implementing them in the field of architecture.

The study focuses on the unusual way extreme cyclists perceive the urban space, a staircase becomes a jumping ramp, public playgrounds become an Obstacle Course and bridge constructions transform to extreme cycling paths.

In these people minds there is a continuance process of erasing the boundaries and redefining them: higher, farther, and stronger.

Extreme Architecture will follow the same principles and will arrange the urban space in a new way, creating numerous possibilities for personal and social encounters.

It will do so by "reading" the urban landscape as a database of information, it will present that information into virtual dots in space, and these dots will generate new urban morphology -