Residence Kibbutz Einat 3

Program: Private Residence | Location: Kibbutz Einat | Area: 160 sqm | Status: In Progress 

This project folds a challenge shared by many couples planning the house of their dreams. It is a family of 5 living in only 75 sqm house, there for has an urgent need for space and comfort. They both practice a career in the field of arts and struggle to express their artistic personality in their new home. Unfortunately, the budget for the project was insufficient, those required a creative solution.

The outline of the original 75 sqm house remained intact while the kitchen and living room where relocated in the new wing.

The inner walls in the old house where reconstructed to make it a private area with bedrooms and showers, as the new wing contained the more public functions of kitchen and living room.

The two entities differ both in shape and material. The original house kept its rural character while the new wing designed as a modern concrete shell gets spacious interior, and abundance of day light.

Between these two entities lays the entrance and foyer as the only connection point. It completes the puzzle and composes the two pieces into one architectural creation and a suitable home for the client.