Kindergarten 953 Be'er Sheva

Program: Kindergarten cluster 3 classes | Location: Be'er Sheva, Ramot | Area: 400 sqm | Client: Beer Sheva municipality | Status: Completed 2013

This site offered both a challenge and an opportunity as it was quite narrow, with a stipe terrain, together with inspiring vistas to the open desert.

The three classes were placed in a raw facing north and south, linked with a rear pedestrian path. Courtyards that separate the classes offer well composed glimpses to the open desert.

Using the existing topography, each class was placed 0.5m higher than the previous one to give a feeling of privacy.

When facing the entrance of each class, the pedestrian path opens to an exterior foyer overlooking the lower courtyard of the previous class, those creating an area which the children from separate classes can see each other but do not mix.

The whole array of classes was “wrapped” with a unifying exterior concrete roof to shield and protect the children from the scorching sun, while uniting the cluster into one complete building.