Horse Racing Sports Bar

Program: Horse Racing Sports Bar| Location: Tel Aviv | Area: 290 sqm | Client: Toto Winner | Status: Design Proposal

This project is strategically located in the center of newly renovated Tel Aviv port.

The design scope was to create a place that will function as a flagship for a large scale advertising campaign to promote legal horse racing gambling in Israel.

The design challenge was to create a space that is multifunctional, to be used as sport-bar / café / restaurant, to operate in daytime as well as nighttime. In addition it must appeal both to new users as well as experienced gamblers both male and female of all ages.

The design uses the given linear space to accommodate a long leaner sitting bar with scattered multi sized screens displaying the races.

Opposite to the bar we designed a Repetitive, flowing, organic elements used as sitting booths each with its own screen and lighting, embedded in the structure.

These repetitive elements create a feeling of movement which is, then, framed by a huge size TV screen on one side and a box-office hub on the other.

In the gallery overlooking the bar we designed another space for more “conventional” form of gambling (like football and basketball) and gave it a touch of an old English like sports bar.

The color scheme and materials used in this design where to reflect the horse racing atmosphere of both the pastoral, green grass surrounding of horse tracks with the thrill and rush of the gambler state of mind while watching a race.