Hotel Heart of Amsterdam

Program: Hostel for young travelers, 130 beds | Location: Amsterdam, red light district | Area: 900 sqm | Status: Completed 2009

The client in this project asked for a concept hotel for young travelers, a hotel that will stand out as an attraction among the many attractions in "sin city" of Amsterdam.

To face the challenge we turned to the world of movies for inspiration, turning each room to a unique creation using different colors, images, materials, which all refer to a particular movie.

Corridors turned into a stroll on a red carpet, through movie trailers with an image on your key as your only guide.

The 130 beds where specifically designed for the needs of a young traveler, locally manufactured and shipped to Amsterdam.

Through changes in the entrance floor, the lobby area was increased and turned into a lounge where young people can hang out and meet. Its interior designed refers to monumental 20th century cinema halls, with a modern twist.

On the façade, lighting on the curtains of each room created a ray of colors facing the street making the hotel impossible to miss.