Teperberg Winery

Program: Winery, Offices, Visitors Center, Wine Shop and Restaurant | Location: Kibbutz Tzora | Area:  5000 sqm - Winery new wing + visitors’ center - 1600 sqm | Status: In Progress | 1st prize competition winner | Collaboration with Kimmel Eshkolot Architects.

The Teperberg family has been making wine for five generations since 1870.

The new winery built near Kibbutz Tzora uses state of the art machinery and modern techniques.

The main goal in this competition winning design was to combine the traditional with the modern, to create a visitors center for the winery that will function as an educational center for wine lovers as well as a cultural center for the whole region.

The 1000 sqm of wine shop, restaurant and tasting bar were" lifted" in the air, and placed on a pillar/wall made of local stone. This enabled a continuity of the vineyards under the building while creating a lookout point for visitors.

These functions enjoy a 360 view of the surrounding as the walls are made of glass. The slabs of floor and roof seems to "float"  above the ground effortless, creating a shaded and protected area where groups of visitors can get organized and rest before going for a hike in the pastoral surrounding. Opposite the restaurant and wine shop lays the audio video room, offering the visitors a hi tech visual tour of the teperberg family wine making history, along with wine tasting from the vineyard products. From the restaurant stretches a shaded Balcony overlooking the green hills, this balcony is linked to the winery by a bridge inviting the visitors to continue their tour and get a glimpse "behind the scene" of the wine making process.

The pillar/wall contains the more functional needs of the visitor's center such as kitchen, restrooms and Storage while Underground It houses a traditional wine cellar with a wall 25 meter long, containing the complete teperberg wine catalogue. This room also function as a VIP room.

The new wing of the winery itself is designed as a white enigmatic box hovering over the existing part. It receives truck load of fresh grapes on one side and houses the offices as glass "cockpit" on the other.

Together, these two entities houses all the knowledge, the know-how and the passion for wine.