Museum of Natural History Tel Aviv

Program: Museum and Research Building | Location: Tel Aviv University | Area: 7000 sqm | Status: 1st prize competition winner, under detailed planning

in the framework of Kimmel Eshkolot

This project's main goal is to save the national treasures of natural collections, which are currently located in Tel Aviv University and kept in poor conditions. It is a challenging opportunity to reveal to the public the existence of these "natural wonders" by housing them in a large "treasure chest" of timeless appearance; like an Ark of Noah preserving samples from nature.


The building functions as a museum for the public as well as a fully functional academic building. The two functions co-exist while benefiting from each other.


The dramatic appearance of the "treasure chest" floats above the ground and so permits a view from the street into the gardens and the gardens are extended into the street. This floating creates a shaded and protected area where groups of visitors can get organized and rest on the terraces.


Inside the building, ramps lead the visitor along the diorama-type exhibits. Each ramp presents a different type of exhibition. In this way, a visitor passes from light to darkness, from open to enclosed spaces and from small exhibits to large panoramic vistas.


The highlight of the experience is at the interface between the public space and the research area. The public space penetrates into the research area of the collections. This is the first time that the visitor is exposed to the methodology of research and observes "behind the scene" the ongoing scientific work.

The tour terminates at the roof terrace that overlooks the garden from which one can directly reach the public space and can continue the visit to the botanical and zoological gardens.