Kindergarten 911 Be'er Sheva

Program: Kindergarten cluster 4 classes | Location: Be'er Sheva, Ramot | Area: 500 sqm | Client: Beer Sheva Municipality | Status: Completed 2013

The main challenge in this project was to provide an intimate environment to four kindergarten classes (accommodating approximately 140 children) both within the compound and from the surrounding neighbors.

To achieve this goal, we created two entrance foyers – one per two classes, and located them on opposite sides of the site. By doing so we were able to give a feeling of privacy and reduce the load of users in the morning and afternoon by half.

Each foyer is covered by concrete roof with a circular opening to allow a tree to grow through the roof and shade the entrance

The position of the four classes separates the courtyard from each other for a sense of intimacy, while in the same time, gives the opportunity to merge the two inner courtyards in to one big plaza for large scale events including all four classes.

The four classes are covered by a unifying concrete roof, beams, and shading elements which create an array of light and shadow, constantly changing. These elements unite the separate classes into one esthetic and coherent building.