Public Building

Tzur Itzhak is a communal settlement in the east side of Israel strategically located on a ridge overlooking its surroundings.

Most of the plots are characterized with a steep terrain offering breathtaking views to its surrounding.
Our practice was invited to design a public building on a north-facing lot overlooking a spacious natural park. However, existing building on the lot is blocking the main access to the park and disconnects it from the street.
We decided that this projects primary goal will be to function as a gateway to the park. We wanted to reconnect the park to the street and give it back to the people.

To do so we designed the building to dig in to the topography and we aligned its roof top to street level. By doing that we were able to use the building's roof as an urban park and create a gathering place to the neighborhood.
Programmatic, the structure is divided into two entities separated by an open terrace with spectacular north view. This terrace function both as  foyer to the different parts of the building as well as a Place to pause, have a cup of coffee in the cafeteria And enjoy the view before entering the lower, natural park.

The overall design of the project helps to link the various stages of a trip: from the street, to the urban roof-top park, through the building itself and on to the natural park. By doing that, the building plays its role as the gateway to the park.


Program: Council Offices/ Senior Club/ Library | Location: Tzur Itzhak | Area: 400 sqm | Client: Regional Council | Status: Design Proposal