Headquarters Nespresso

Program: Nespresso Headquarters, Call Center and Boutique | Location: Petah Tiqwa | Area: 500 sqm | Status: completed 2010

As a customer enters the Luxurious boutique he usually fails to notice a small glass door that hides behind it the beating heart of Nespresso HQ. 

The offices, as well as the call center, are placed on an orthogonal grid along the perimeter to ensure fresh air and day light for each employee.

The rhythm of offices is disturbed by a cocoon-like meeting room diverted 10 degrees from the orthogonal grid.

This diversion creates a path of different width around it, making place for casual meeting and non-formal sitting corners.

The lunch room is designed as a hotel lounge with a perforated wall that gives the opportunity to maintain a non-formal relation between spaces and activities.

The choice of materials and style complement the brands values, Professionalism and prestige.