Urban Planning Location: Binyamina-Giv'at Ada | Area: 60,000 sqm | Client: Local council | Status: |?

Urban Renewal led by the Authority - moderate urban condensing

Urban renewal and density growth are natural phenomena that contain opportunities to increase comfort and accessibility to a variety of services, events, social connections and activities that contribute to a comfortable and interesting life.

At the same time, density also brings with it quite a few Infrastructure as well as social -psychological challenges. These challenges are extreme when the density multiplies or triples itself at once instead of gradually.

Binyamina's rural character places an additional layer of complexity - the need to increase existing density and reach high-rise residential buildings in a rural settlement.

This complexity along with the lack of familiarity and sensitivity of the evacuation & construction market (Pinuy-Binuy) with the uniqueness of the rural fabric, prompted the local authority to initiate and promote a plan for neighborhood renewal, in order to reach a plan that can connect with the fabric of life in the moshava on the one hand and bring with it the advantages that density allows on the other hand.

There are many communities in this country that are in the midst of this dilemma, and in our aspiration as planners, this plan will be a milestone in dealing with the issue of density in rural textures and the desired type of building that will stem from these renewal processes.