Kisufim Kfar Saba

Kisufim neighborhood was built in the 60's and had suffered from decades of neglection.  Recently two of the 11 buildings started their own renovation process, and naturally the rest wanted to follow. At that time, it became clear to the municipality that a wider approach is needed for the neighborhood , one that will take into consideration all the aspects and needs of a new urban block, such as public buildings  parks, commercial needs, but mostly to prevent the creation of highly dense area that in few years will sure to become virtually unlivable.


Our team main goal was to reduce the block density while offering an inviting and walkable spaces in ground floor level.


The means to do so, was to reduce building height by increasing the buildings footprint, and optimizing the distribution of the building rights in the block. This enabled us to create green parks and walking paths, renew and add public building such as kinder gardens, community center etc. and add small scale commercial to create a mixed-use block.


We removed an abstraction to allow a green boulevard to cross our block, and placed most of the public buildings along it to create an "anchor" of public area for the neighborhood, where people can meet and enjoy recreational activities.


Many efforts were made to minimize the feeling of density, by reducing the building heights, as well as number of neighbors per entrance and flats per floor. Special effort was made to preserve existing trees, add new ones and enable them to grow full size even when located on top of the underground parking lots, as it is one of the key elements that prevent the feeling of density.