The Brittish Officer Compound

The corner stone for this project was to save, preserve and restore four historical buildings that were used as a British military base during World War II.


The whole compound was built in 1940 as a part of a bigger array of military forces deployed along the road to the settlement "Shvut am".  the main cross shaped building was an officer recreational building connected to a linear building by an open courtyard.

In the process of restoration, the 700 sqm courtyard between the two-main building was covered with a light, partially transparent roof that required a gentle design to prevent it from "shadowing" the restored building. a design solution was needed to differ the new part from the old buildings both in shape and material while at the same time join them into one entity that function as a modern congress center.


The design uses exposed modern material to create a standalone structure barely touching the restored buildings. the pixelated design gives the feeling of a light, hovering pergola rather than a structure and helps to differ the new addition from the old buildings.

By a method of adding and subtracting some of the pixels we insert light into the new roofed courtyard with staggering array of light and shade.