IDF Resolution Center

Program: Interactive Educational CenterLocation: Ramla| Area: 4000 sqm | Client: IDF| Status: Idea

What is resolution? How can we manifest an abstract concept like "resolution" in a physical building?

When we approach a project, we are looking for the design compass that arises from an abstract idea or phrase. We look for the story that we want the building to tell. In this project, we searched the essence of the phrase "resolution", and came to the conclusion that resolution is

 "Human acts against the forces of nature."

Human actions can be physical action like finding a shelter, finding a way out of danger, or lying on the ground with hands to protect one's head. All these actions are meant to save lives.

The IDF resolution center is also meant to save lives.

The act of forming this building can be described by the phrase "like a rock in stormy waters" - the right human action of positioning a building in front of harm's way in a situation of extreme nature disaster. The action we have taken is tested when disaster strikes. The building is affected by it, but if we have taken the right action we will create a safe place and save lives.

The different wings of the building are the result of one mass breaking in three elements, in their new position they are able to create a safe place, they are bracing a green shaded courtyard where trees, representing life, are protected and are able to create new life.

The center consists of these three wings:

1. Auditorium building - also contains a cafeteria and a souvenir shop. This is a separate structure, that share the entrance courtyard with the main building. The auditorium has a double function – assembling place for visitors of the center, but it also offers the possibility of independent events.

2. in the main building, the most prominent part is the simulator floor. Its visual appearance is of a sealed enigmatic box, like an airplane black box that records and contains the accumulated knowledge. One big Sky Light illuminates the interior of the floor.

3. The training center wing with is slightly bent off grid to create a sense of intimacy for the entrance courtyard, it overlooks the entrance lobby and features a private entrance atrium open to a second entrance courtyard in an upper level for its visitors.

In between the two wings is an element with unique appearance different in its morphology and material, that emerges from the formal facade, it appears to be the anchor on which the building was bent around. This is the heritage center.

We believe the resolution is achieved by merging the three elements of the building - the civil and authority's learning centers, and between them, as a link, the Heritage center, that contains all the knowledge accumulated over many years of activity and passes it on for future generations.