Nespresso Offices

Program: Offices | Location: Petah Tiqwa | Area: 500 sqm | Status: Completed 2016 | collaboration with GO-arch

The Nespresso brand is a constant growing company, the new line of coffee machines- bigger, faster and more efficient where designed to fulfill the needs of big firms. The new line is called Business to Business (B2B)   These offices where planned to accommodates the staff required for this new market.


The basic plan creates three transparent “boxes” in different sizes that functions as meeting rooms, and at the same time divides the space into four different open space areas to give the sense of intimacy for the workers. The three boxes enclose a central space that function as the machine display area, semi-open to the surrounding office,  where clients can experience the new machines in an office-like environment. Along the southern wall a strip of offices with transparent walls enjoy abundance of daylight overlooking the open space on meeting rooms.


The design language gives the feeling of a loft-like space with fine and elegant finishes.